Sunday, September 20, 2015

Suburban Casual

shoes - sweater (old from h&m) - jeans
These sneakers again. I've been wearing them non stop - they seem to pull together every outfit and make them seem much more cool than I actually am, ha. Anyway, they've been practical the last couple days since it's been so rainy. There's nothing I hate more than wet feet. On a side note, I've been searching for a better version of this sweater I'm wearing, preferably a cotton knit. This one is acrylic, unfortunately. If you've come across any light grey crew neck sweaters, let me know.

I've been back at my parents' house for the weekend, so that means food and relaxing in the suburban serenity that is Northern Illinois. Here are a couple photos from this weekend.
 Union Station Great Hall
 A pond by my house.
Today's lunch - mom's homemade eggrolls, rice vermicelli, romaine lettuce, and nuoc mam. 


  1. the cha gio (sp?) looks delicious. mad jealous as I am plenty hungry right now.

  2. Yes! I love those sneakers!! I wear them all the time also with different outfits. It's always good to be back at the parents house for some nice rest and relaxations. Enjoy!! :)

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner