Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Little Things

In the new year, I made a drastic change to my month to month spending. I moved to a 5 piece wardrobe method to cut down on my shopping. I started to pack my lunch every day consistently (saving 1 day for going out with coworkers). All my expenses now are just rent, bills, groceries, transit (pre-tax), and my gym membership. So, that means not very many posts about clothes this year! I've just been wearing the same 2 silhouettes every week to work, and that combined with the cold makes for very utilitarian dressing.

But, I'm really enjoying seeing my savings grow every month, and how that will make my future a lot easier to attain. It's so easy to be young, make an awesome income, and to blow it all on things to enjoy in the here and now. Clothes, drinks, eating out, going out. Sometimes I feel like I spend money on these things to fill some sort of hole, I'm not sure what it is. After I graduated, I felt a little like I had just come out of the prior 10 years of my life preparing, working, and waiting for the very decade I'm in now - my 20s. It was a constant narrative of "You deserve this" or "Treat yourself" and the timeline for that was "Now." 

I had reached the end of my 5 year plan that I had made in high school. Get into a good college. Finish my degree. Find a good job. I didn't know what I wanted after that, and I hadn't really thought about it past the basic life milestones (move out, continue working, get married). I hadn't given any more thought to what my next 5 years would look like except for work - get promoted - repeat. It wasn't until this year that I actually sat down and thought about what I wanted. And I realized that my goals are no longer on a 5 year timeline - they're more realistically on a 10 year+ timeline. And instead of the clear cut path from high school to college to work, post-grad is a lot more circuitous and unwritten. 

Anyway, I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm okay (happy even) with being a little more disciplined now to make the next 10 years a LOT easier on me. And I'm enjoying appreciating the little (read: free) things - a french press in the morning, cooking fancy plates at home with my boyfriend, the feeling after a good, long work out, and reading on a Sunday afternoon. 

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The 5 Piece French Wardrobe

This season, I’ve been starting to think of how I should be adding pieces to my wardrobe. I’ve decided to follow the 5 Piece French Wardrobe methodology. I’m at a place right now where I’m really happy with my current core wardrobe. I never feel like I have nothing to wear. My style, however boring it may be to others, is something that makes me happy. I have wants, but nothing that is urgent anymore. So the idea of only buying 5 pieces a season really appeals to me. To only buy 10 things all year round, 5 for Spring/Summer and 5 for Fall/Winter.

I guess I’m starting off at a good place - I don’t even have 5 things on my list. Here’s what’s on it so far:

Seville tote from Lo & Sons, when there is a sale.
I love Lo & Sons. I love the brand, I love their travel-friendly and versatile designs, and I love the quality-for-price. I want to upgrade from my Longchamp tote, which is nice, but I’d love something nicer/more mature to bring to client meetings. I love the versatility of The Seville, since there’s an option to use two different shells that come with the bag - the saffiano leather one for day to day, and the nylon one for travel. The price point is a little steep for this bag, but I noticed during their winter sale, that it had been knocked down to the high $200s - which is exactly the price point that I’d pay.

Everlane Modern Loafer, April
I’ve had my eyes on this pair of shoes since they came out a year ago. I’ve hesitated to purchase though, since I had heard they ran narrow when they first came out. Now that they’re a bit older, and more well reviewed, I’ve decided that I’d love to add a pair in Olive. My only other pair of flats are my J.Crew factory smoking slippers, which are well loved, so having another pair to switch it up will extend their life a little bit longer!

Everlane Silk Shirt, April as well (for the free shipping on 2+ items)
I was skeptical about how silk could fit into my lifestyle. But after I accidentally washed and dried my Everlane silk tank (with no consequences), I’ve changed my mind. I really like the clean design of this Everlane blouse, especially the front placket to hide the buttons. I also don’t have a long sleeved blouse, and keep thinking to myself in the mornings how I’d enjoy having one to mix up my work silhouettes. I’m undecided on the color for now.