Saturday, October 15, 2016


summit lake at mt. evans, co
Hello again! Checking in after a very long hiatus. 

In the past 5 months: 
  •  I have finished up projects with 3 clients, and started with another 4. Staying pretty busy and enjoying it for the most part. But like any job, it is definitely hard work. Rounding out a full year here in November, and hoping to stay here long term!

  •  Moved apartments in June, and I think we're likely going to renew our lease! Loving the location, and the amount of sunlight it gets makes my houseplants very happy. 

  •  Traveled to Colorado and did a TON of hiking. We stayed in this super remote AirBnB in the mountains and it was perfect. One of my favorite vacations yet. In November, we've booked tickets to go to Portland, OR, so I'm getting excited to return to the PNW. 

  •  N and I got engaged in May, around our 7 year anniversary! Aiming to have our wedding when he graduates with his PhD in 2018. It's very weird/exciting to think about how far we've come, literally growing up together, and now planning to grow old, together.
Having written out all of these points now and reflecting upon the past 5 months, it's crazy to think of how stable my life has become (in a good way!). I went from changing jobs a few times in a short amount of time, to feeling very satisfied with my current job. The apartment situation is similar as well - moving once a year, to also feeling very satisfied with my current place. And then obviously, N and I have always been a constant, but now we are engaged. 

Overall - I'm alive, have gotten my bearings on the (not-so-new) job, and am hoping to get back into writing around here more often. Hoping you're all well!