Wednesday, February 10, 2016

FEELING COLD... And Some 5PFW Updates

Spring WILL come, no matter what the weather might be in Chicago right now (cold). Nevertheless, I’m re-doing my list of items for S/S because I realized that a lot of the things I currently have on there are winter-mindset items, and that they’re more appropriate for later in the year.

So what’s coming off? Just 2 of the 3 things. A long sleeved silk blouse. Why do I need to wear long sleeves if I’m buying for 80 degree weather and >70% humidity? And lastly, a work bag. I’ve decided to wait for the winter sales, since they’re much better - and I’m still quite happy with my Longchamp.

What’s being added? Lots of silk! Whaaaat! I wrote a while back about how I didn’t like how high  maintenance silk was. But I wash it in the washer and dry it in the dryer with other delicates of course! Very daring, and I feel bad every time I do it. But I figure clothes are meant to be worn and nothing bad has happened yet. They come out wrinkle free and clean. Anyway, I think I’m starting to figure out what my summer uniform might be. For work, a pair of cropped slacks and a silk tank or a silk tee. For casual, the same, but instead of slacks, shorts or a skirt.

So the new list...

1. Loafers
2. A silk tee or short sleeved button up
3. A silk tank or a camisole
4. A shift dress, appropriate for work and play. Something striped, or something patterned.
5. ???

I've been really into Grana's tops, which I've heard are more petite friendly than Everlane. I still haven't worn the Everlane sleeveless top I received for Christmas yet because it doesn't fit at all! I actually held up the difference between the XS and the S and it's +1.5in to +2in bigger in both body width and length. Very sad :(

Anyway - stay warm people! The windchill is currently 3 degrees in Chicago and my face hurt while walking to the train home.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Early Riser

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I work a very flexible schedule. It's not uncommon for me to roll into work around 9:30 and sadly, it's become a habit as I've changed jobs. My first job was one where it was common to get in around 8:30 and stay very late. And now I've ended up at one where it's so flexible that I frequently have the privilege to work from home. I have a much higher propensity to work late in the evening than to wake up early to do work.

I read a lot of articles on high achievers. The types of people that are A-players, hyper productive. You've probably read them too - the titles often look like "30 habits CEOs have" or "How successful people do more in 24 hours than the rest of us do in a week." These are just two examples, but a LOT of them have "Wake up early" listed. And I am so bad at that, even though I go to bed consistently at 11pm. I'd love to get up early, get a work out in, eat breakfast, and otherwise be productive. I just cannot get up when it's cold and dark out though! It's a much easier pill to swallow in the summers here.

Are any of you guys ex-night owls, turned morning people? Especially up further north in the winter where it's cold and dark? On the bright side though, the days are getting longer by 2 minutes every single day. I can see the sun still when I leave work!