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Dual Career Couples

In my reading the past week, I've come across 2 articles on dual career couples that my thoughts have been wandering back to - one on  HBR  (Finding Balance as a Dual-Career Couple), and another from  McKinsey  (How Dual-Career Couples Find Fulfillment at Work). Are you part of a dual career couple? My husband and I became one just this April when he finished up his PhD. Prior to that, I was working and he was in "school" - which really meant intense research and writing. Fortunately, we haven't run into too much tension as it comes to work-life balance - driven primarily by the fact that we were both early in our careers, and have no debt or children to worry about. Just under half of all marriages in the US are dual-career, and it rises to 63% once kids come into play - unsurprising given the figures I've seen attributed to raising a single child to adulthood ( Fidelity  puts this at just over $233k!). The topic of dual-career couples comes up quite a bit

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