Sunday, November 27, 2016

S/S 2016 5PFW Review

It’s almost December, but I wanted to bring the S/S 5PFW full circle with a review. Better late than never! Summer is my least favorite season to dress for. I typically wear athletic wear or shorts and a tee when I'm not at work. When I am at work, I'm wearing a dress, or some sort of skirt/blouse type of look. Looking back, all the things not on my list, were bought out of sweaty desperation during the summer.

On the list was:

1. A pair of leather flat shoes (Everlane, modern loafer)
x. Silk tops for summer (Uniqlo, not silk, but sleeveless - impulse) - Did not purchase
2. A shift dress - (Uniqlo, not shift style)

Not on the list but bought:

3. Shorts (Old Navy)
4. Navy/White striped skirt (Loft) - so well loved, and really cute with a blue oxford button down tucked in. This ended up being a winner.
5. Dressy sandals (DSW) - needed a pair of non-flip flops for work
6. Nubuck Slip Ons (Everlane) - took a lot of work to make these wearable, review coming soon!

Some mini reviews/updates on a few select items above:

Everlane Modern Loafer - These have become my office day to day shoe. They look great with cropped chinos or any type of dressy pant. They are super comfortable and I’m glad that I got the front soles lined at the cobbler because the heel is not lined, and is definitely showing some wear and tear. I’m not too worried, as I can just go get them fixed. But other than that, they are holding up well! When it gets slushy and gross out, I’ll need to retire them to indoor only until spring time. The one thing that irks me about these shoes is that every now and then, they rub against my skin in a really uncomfortable way - usually when my feet are cold.

Loft Navy/White Striped Skirt - I used to think that I was too short to wear skirts, and I think that was because I was constantly buying regular sized skirts when I was younger, when I needed to be buying petite. I bought this on a whim when it was on sale at Loft, and ended up loving the cut and length of it. This, paired with a blue oxford button down tucked in was an outfit that was constantly in rotation this summer.

Old Navy Shorts - Nothing too special here - a solid pair of shorts from Old Navy in a navy blue. Really comfortable twill fabric, cool in the summer. Bought this to replace some denim cutoff shorts that no longer fit me!

And finally - a lack of silk. Although I love silk, I wasn’t super inspired to add any to my summer wardrobe. Maybe it’s the heat, but in the summer, I just really like to stick to cottons.

Hope to update soon with F/W!