Saturday, January 3, 2015

MAC Mineralize Blush: Bring Back the Old Warm Soul!

I recently stopped by the MAC counter at Macy's to repurchase a blush - Warm Soul. This was the first blush I ever got when I started wearing makeup more seriously, and it was one that I've repurchased probably a million times before. The product itself lasts for a long time - one pan probably lasts me a whole year, and I re-purchase every winter or so. When I opened up this one, I was surprised that the color was SO different! This is not the same Warm Soul I had once known.

I have a few issues with the new MAC Mineralize Blushes.

The first is the packaging. The new packaging, I find, is harder to open. It's magnetic - and there's a tiny tab that allows you to open it, but it's too tiny, so once I manage to get it open, it snaps back shut because of the magnet. A little annoying, but I'll live.

Second, is the quantity that they give you. I can't remember the price that they used to sell these blushes at, but let's assume that the price has not changed. The quantity however has changed. The old packaging gave you 3.5 grams of product, while the new packaging now only gives you 3.2 grams! Very unhappy about this.

THIRDLY, and most importantly! The color is completely different! What used to be the perfect blush - a blush that goes with any look and any skintone - a cute warm, shimmery, dusty rose color has now changed to an obnoxious and glittery orange. If I had known that this was going to change, I would have stocked up on the old Warm Soul. I would've bought ten of them to last me for the rest of my life.

MAC - if you're reading this, please bring back the old Warm Soul. Or don't, but then change the name of this deception of a blush!


  1. Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way! I went to repurchase Warm Soul yesterday only to find that packaging and colour has changed! :( I kept swatching the colour because I didn't want to believe they changed such a beautiful colour but now seeing it side by side it's definitely different.

    1. Ughh I know! I still haven't been able to find a replacement blush :( It was one of the two that I own/love/repurchase. Now I just use Nars Dolce Vita, which is still rosey.

  2. Or do like I just did and get on poshmark otr mercari and search for the old one, but pay a pretty penny lol