Friday, March 27, 2015

3.27.15 Fitting Room: Old Navy

Had a pretty slow day at work today so I popped into Old Navy during lunch, which is close to where I work. I've been craving color in my wardrobe. I've been in a little bit of a monochromatic funk and wanted to experiment and challenge myself to figure out how to wear color in multiple ways. One of the reasons why I've avoided it is because I hate thinking about what will match and what goes together. 

I also started to think about summer outfits and started playing around with outfits based on my Summer Wardrobe Highlights - and I realized that I only had enough pieces of clothing to get through 3 days of the week before I'd need to do laundry or wear clothes that were way too warm. 

Dresses were 40% off in stores, so I grabbed a bunch and tried them on. But first I'll start with something more in my comfort zone. Online, the base price has also been slashed by 40%, but there's an additional 35% off any order as well! 

Fit stats can be found in my about me page above! 

They've got a lot of the same style dress out right now, but in different patterns and materials. And the way the dress is constructed depends on the one that you pick up. But the fit is consistent across all the dresses, so at least they have that going for them. The first one I tried on was this blue patterned one. This one was unlined at the skirt but lined in the chest. Weird. The fit was fine throughout. The chest is somewhat tailored, and I was surprised that I filled it out, since I never do. 

The next one is the print that they've been putting in the promo emails and the reason why I went in to the store (good advertising!). I picked it up in two sizes since the sizing at old navy is a little inconsistent on me at least. When I tried both on, I realized that they were super different. The XS had cut the pattern of the fabric off which made the dress have a weird empty space on the chest. The S, which was the one that fit me best, didn't have this problem though. I ended up picking this one up. 

Finally was this cobalt blue shift dress. I loved the color and the cut and the way it looked on. The fabric was rayon I think, which I can live with. But it was unlined which was a deal breaker. I guess I could've worn a slip, but I would've preferred if it was sewn with a liner. I may pick this up if it goes on sale anymore since I love the color.

So back story - I love the look of linen pants and have always wanted a pair. Every summer, I try on a pair from somewhere, and they never fit in my legs or they make my butt look big and I put them back because the color isn't right. I saw these linen pants on a mannequin and really liked the pockets and how it was styled with the cuffs and I liked that it was black - which is super easy to wear. 

These are SO comfortable. The linen is thicker as well. I like that they manage to be loose but without sacrificing the shape of my body. The length is also perfect - coming down to a cropped on me. And they fit my legs. Definitely getting these when they go on sale next. 


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