Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Monday OOTD 3.30.15

Another weekend (three day!) OOTD. A little warmer today, so I threw on a vest as a light layer... and then soon regretted it when it started to rain a little.

I took a day off today to spend some time with my boyfriend for his birthday. This weekend was pretty relaxing - although much of it was spent doing chores. We did a little spring cleaning - donated some old clothes, cleaned the whole apartment, and went grocery shopping. It's nice to sit in a clean apartment - it feels like we just moved in. Back to the grind tomorrow though!

As for the outfit, I've been wearing a lot of stripes lately - I'm not too in love with the shirt and only really pull it out on weekends and on particularly casual days at work. The vest is my mom's, which I've stolen because she doesn't prefer the color. Ponte leggings from Uniqlo in a size S. These were actually much longer before I washed them. When I did, they shrunk upward, and the length is actually perfect now. Bag is MBMJ from a couple years ago. Shoes are my beloved Old Navy smoking slippers that I'll soon retire, since I snagged a nicer pair from J. Crew Factory on discount.

And then finally, the gold bar necklace that I thought warranted its own photo - I picked this up in store for around $4 - I really love the subtlety and the hint of gold in my outfits. I've been wearing it almost every day instead of a longer pendant chain. It's out of the way, but still elegant, and I think it really stands out on my skin tone.

Hope you had a nice weekend as well!


  1. Gorgeous look, the vest looks great with the striped top! :)
    The Urban Obsessions // Vegan Food & Lifestyle Blog

  2. Cute necklace! I've been liking more subtle jewelry (rather than the big colorful statement necklaces, which I also still like) lately.

    1. Definitely agree - I feel like I've grown really tired of my statement necklaces and am now preferring longer necklaces with simple pendants.