Saturday, March 21, 2015

Summer Wardrobe Thoughts

In Chicago, Spring comes and goes in a blink of an eye. I've been using this time to dig into my closet and find some things that I can rely on in the heat and humidity in the Summer. I've always found it difficult to look put together in the summer while remaining cool and comfortable, especially at work. Last summer, I sacrificed the latter to look more put together and modest. This year though, I'm aiming to find a balance of both with a few additions and combining them with things that I've owned for a while. Here are a few items that I think will get a lot of rotation this summer. One thing I notice is that they're quite basic - meant to be paired with something or just worn alone.


black maxi dress / striped ponte dress, sold out (similar, similar
I've added two dresses to my work wardrobe that I can also dress down for life outside as well - a black maxi dress and a striped ponte dress. As someone who's felt very uncomfortable in a dress for the longest time, these two dresses make me feel like myself. The striped dress comes down long enough to wear to work, but I think I could stand to get it hemmed up about 1 or 2 inches since I'm shorter. I picked mine up from Old Navy on clearance, but have linked similar ones above (this one is on sale at Uniqlo now). It's made out of cotton and spandex and was $20 which was a steal for the material and how well made it is. I've washed it in the machine and threw it in the dryer once already, and it washes really well too! No wrinkles coming out of the dryer.

The black maxi dress is something that I've loved on other people and want to try for myself this summer. I picked this one up from Old Navy, also on sale for $23. This one is made from something like 97% rayon and 3% spandex. It's got a stretch to it and is very cooling to wear. I bought a 2P and it gives me about an inch of clearance between the ground and the end of the dress. I can't speak to the quality but the fabric feels smooth, but it also feels like it might pill as well. But for the price and the fact that I'm not sure if I even like maxi dresses - it's good enough.


chambray shirt, sold out (similar) / loose fit striped tee / white box cut tee

I bought this chambray shirt at H&M about 3 or 4 years ago now. It's sold out now, but linked a similar one above. I wear it like a cardigan, over dresses, or by itself. Chambray reminds me of spring. 

The striped top is a new addition that I picked up at Gap. You can see it on me here. I haven't washed it yet, so I can't speak to how well it will hold up. I got it on sale for $5, so if it turns out to be terrible running through the wash, then at least I'll have only spent that much on it. But initally, I really love it! The sleeves are longer and I like to roll them up. Breton stripes are so easy to wear - comfortable, but still put together.

The white box-cut tee is also a new-ish addition as well from Everlane. I don't have a lot of white clothing, and to add one and separate out in the wash is a waste - so I've avoided white. But there is something really fresh looking about a crisp white t-shirt in the summer and I think it really brightens up my wardrobe.


This is the area where I struggle in the summer - basically if I'm not wearing a dress, I'm wearing jeans. Last summer, I picked up a pair of cropped light wash jeans from Eddie Bauer and relied on that to keep me cool. The rest of the time, I would cuff my skinny jeans - and when the humidity is past 90% or it's raining AND hot, I would want to die. So I'm not sure what to do here - maybe skirts? I think the problem is that I rely so heavily on a skinny bottom and a drapey top through most of the year, and I think everything else looks weird on me. 

Here are things I want to try: skater skirts, mini skirts, and finding a cropped chino that fits me.


My suede camel boots are an old favorite - I bought them two years ago and have worn them religiously throughout the seasons. They're sold out everywhere, which makes me nervous, in case I have a horrible spill. I try and keep them maintained so they're clean, but have some wear on them which gives them character. 

I like a scarf in the summer as well - the light gray is a light enough color to wear for all seasons - the one I have is a little thicker, but is good for over air-conditioned offices and train cars. I can also see myself wearing this with my maxi dress as well to balance out the silhouette.

Finally, sunglasses. I'm wearing the folding Wayfarers right now, but I think I may give these to my boyfriend since he looks great in them. I'm looking for something a little more feminine - I've started to realize that my clothes are quite plain and not overtly feminine. I also have always wanted a pair of sunglasses to hide behind, something glamorous, old Hollywood. Immediately, my mind goes to a classic cat-eye shape. Not sure where I'll find these - Nordstrom has some cheap pairs that I may want to experiment with. Warby Parker has some interesting ones as well - and they have a free home try-on program which definitely appeals to me. 


  1. i'm loving a striped tee at the moment, so simple but cute! X

  2. nice pieces!