Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To Silk or not to Silk?

I have been wanting to add a silk shirt into my wardrobe for a while now. Through a series of unfortunate mishaps (delayed shipping + weird stain on a shirt I ordered) with Everlane, I have some shopping credit that I think I want to use to discount the price of one of their silk shirts.

This would be my first silk shirt that I ever own. I know nothing compares to silk when it comes to drape, fabric strength, etc. It keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It's a natural fiber. The only thing that's keeping me from biting the bullet and buying one is the upkeep. I'm very much a wash-and-wear type of person, and the thought of having to handwash an item that I know would get a lot of rotation in my closet tires me. 

But still, I've got my eye on either the Silk Rounded Collar or the Silk Sleeveless at Everlane. The Sleeveless might be good for the summer and would replace a similar polyester blouse that I took out of my wardrobe (didn't like that it didn't breathe, also didn't like the bow tie at the top). But the Silk Rounded Collar might be more versatile all year round - silk already is a cool fabric for summer, and I do like the rounded collar, which feels feminine. Either black for the Sleeveless or light gray for the Rounded Collar. 

I've tried alternatives to silk - mainly polyester & rayon. Polyester doesn't breathe or drape as well, but it's washable and easy to take care of. Rayon wrinkles the moment I put it on, and although it's washable (or at least, I've washed mine), it tends to shrink and lose its shape. Both materials also are very staticky, which I don't like. 

I think I'll wait on this one - maybe until April. 

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