Sunday, March 8, 2015

January/February Purchases & Wardrobe Planning

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Today, I am a year and three months out of college and a year and three months into my first job - and yet still dressing very much like a college student. I'm fortunate enough to work in a very casual work environment (advertising), however, still am required to look sharp since I'm client-facing (strategy & analytics). Here, I'll document my journey toward a work & life wardrobe that stays true to my personal style. I'm not necessarily on a budget, but I am frugal with my purchases and think that quality can be found at any price level.

If I could describe the way I like to dress, I guess I'd say comfort is a big priority. Clean lines, basic, simple, and also pretty monochromatic, although I'd like to change that! My uniform in the Fall/Winter was a pair of skinny jeans, camel suede boots, a drapey, solid color knit sweater or tee, and a big scarf - usually in a light gray. I wore a lot of black, charcoal gray, camel, and navy.

In order to stay conscious of my purchases, here's a list of what I've bought the past two months. Preface - I did clean out my closet of MOST of my clothing in January, getting rid of things that either did not fit right, did not fit at all, or things that I just didn't love (color, cut) - so the purchases below are really re-purchases of things that I previously owned and have upgraded & replaced. I've also marked things that are additions to my wardrobe now that I have somewhat of a vision of my style.

Springs are quite short in Chicago, so Summer is really just right around the corner. I've always struggled with what to wear in hot and humid weather, while still looking professional and put together. I'm testing out the black maxi dress to see if that might work. It seems like it could be quite versatile for both spring and summer both professionally and casually. Cropped pants are also a possibility too - probably in a chino/khaki type fabric.

Uniqlo black ponte legging pants (replaced)
Uniqlo white oxford cloth button down (replaced)
Old Navy striped ponte dress (addition)

Everlane black box cut tee (replaced)
Everlane white box cut tee (replaced)
Everlane grey marled tunic short sleeve sweatshirt (addition)

Gap marled shawl cardigan (replace cardigan)
Old Navy black maxi dress (addition, summer)
Everlane grey/white striped heavy-weight tee (addition, spring)
Tailoring 3 pairs of jeans - black, gray, and dark blue, hem & taper

Aritzia black Kent blazer (replace)
Casual cropped pants in ?? (addition)
Collared, button down tank top, blousey (replace)

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