Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Wardrobe Updates and May Planning

Almost the end of April and into May, so another wardrobe update and planning post is necessary. I'm linking up with Fran from Franish - I always love her monthly updates and they definitely inspire me to be more mindful of what I'm adding to my closet and how much I'm really spending from month to month. 


Everlane Sleeveless Silk Blouse - $30 with $30 credit from shipping/clothing mishaps!
Old Navy Linen Cropped Pants - $23, discounted 30% from $29 price cut
H&M Cotton Breton Striped Tee - $13, impulse buy

Status: Under budget!

April was a good month - I bought a total of three items that I'm very pleased with. Two were planned, and one was unplanned, and in hindsight, probably didn't need. But I'm pleased with it none the less! I did most of my shopping in March and spent way too much money buying everything at once, so hopefully I'm pretty set for the summer. Budgetwise, looking at March and April together, I'm right on target. 

I'm really enjoying the silk blouse - it's looking like it'll definitely be in rotation throughout the spring and summer. It's light, airy, comfortable, and very luxurious! It's my first silk piece of clothing, and I'm definitely craving for more. It is quite a bit of maintenance, so I'll think on what my next piece will be. 

The linen cropped pants are seriously so comfortable. I'm excited to also wear them as a transitional piece from spring to summer. They're loose and cool, and I think they look quite chic on. I've always been a skinny jeans traditionalist, but I think I'll start moving away from that for summer at least. 

And finally - I definitely did NOT need another striped shirt, but I rationalized. I don't currently have a red breton striped tee. And I liked the wide cut bateau neckline and the fact that it was made from 100% cotton, which is rare for an H&M garment. And the price was right. So I took it home with me, and it makes me so happy. I'm glad I bought it! 


Ever since my Anthony Bourdain uniform breakdown a couple weeks ago, I've been obsessed with the idea of desert boots... but more feminine. I just put in an order for a pair of these desert-style wedge booties in grey suede. I'm excited to wear them! The rubber sole and lower heel height will be super comfy, while still adding height - I'm 5'2", so any chance to lengthen my legs is welcome.

The second thing that I've been thinking about is one that I had on my list for a while, but removed because I had bought a blazer already for an interview. After some thought, I put it back on the list because I'd really like to wear a blazer without people at work thinking that I'm going on another interview. This one is softer, looser fit, longer, and overall more casual without losing the put-together-ness.

But other than that, I don't really have any wants (yet!). I will be moving in June, so I think it'll be nice to save some money for new furniture and moving costs. I signed a lease around mid-April for a very cute 1 bedroom apartment in Lincoln Park. I'm gutted to be leaving Lakeview, but I think this will be a long term stay for me. And the best part is that I'm super excited to have a porch just in time for the summer! 


  1. Love your April buys! I need a red breton top in my life (somehow I've ended up with 4 navy breton tops...).

    1. Thanks! I know - somehow, I've ended up with 2 grey and white striped shirts out of the 4 striped shirts that I have. I don't have navy and white though!

  2. I like that chukka-esque boot! I'll have to duck into ON for those linen pants; I wouldn't mind some breathable pants :) are they sheer?

    1. I have them in black, and they're not sheer at all! The other colors could be though, so definitely try them on.