Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Wind Advisory

Mandatory weather mention, since it's "Spring" in Chicago and the weather likes to be bipolar. We're under a wind advisory! Every once in a while, we'll get a couple days where it's so windy, I'll need to hold onto my sunglasses as I wear them, or they'll actually blow off my face. And sunglasses are mandatory for me, since I wear contacts - they protect my eyes from getting dust blown into them. People with balconies tie their furniture down, or risk getting them blown away. 

A quick work OOTD. I wore my Eddie Bauer Skyliner jacket today, which is incredibly windproof and warm while staying lightweight. On top, I wore my Everlane heavy weight tee that I got last month. It's quite sturdy! I've worn and washed it several times with minimal shrinking. It was slightly too large when I first got it (for reference, in a size small), but now I think it fits perfectly. It's the perfect thing to wear on a slightly cooler day since it's made of a thicker material. Threw on a mustard colored circle scarf from a couple years ago.

For shoes, I have to be honest with you. These J.Crew flats are the most uncomfortable things I've ever worn. I love the look of D'Orsays, so I am praying that they will be broken in soon. Honestly, I should've gotten my regular size. I got a 6.5, thinking that my regular size will stretch out and won't fit anymore, but these have not stretched out yet. I've worn them maybe 4 times so far though. I love the style, but the pain... I'll update with my final thoughts in a month. But if you're looking at these flats - I recommend you get your normal size. 

Lastly - guys. I love my new job so far. LOVE. I don't know why I felt so nervous beforehand because I can totally do this. I'm the type of person to not want to change jobs very frequently, so I really hesitated leaving the ad agency. But I am so glad I did. This feels like a really long term job. I'm glad it's with a start up and I'm excited to see and help it grow. Ahh! 

If you haven't seen my last post - it's an Emmanuelle Alt uniform breakdown. I'm kind of liking these breakdowns since they're good inspiration for me. Let me know if you're interested in seeing anyone else's uniform broken down too! I'd totally be down for doing that. 


  1. Congratulations on enjoying your new position!

  2. I love this look, so timeless and chic! XO - Kim

  3. The wind has been crazy here in Toronto the past few days too! I don't wear contacts but I have the same issue with my eyes - everything and anything seems to blow into them. On windy days I have to wear sunglasses or just squint so much that I can barely see. Very cute outfit - it has even been too cold for that here! I can only hope for warmer days soon.

    1. I know - I wore my glasses today just to be safe, haha. I think we've got another week of 50s before we hit more spring time weather. I can't wait! I need to start planting some flowers for the summer, but I'm not sure when our last frost will be.

  4. I love how stylish and casual this outfit is! Lovely post <3 xx

    Sammie | sammiephotography.blogspot.com

  5. So pleased you're enjoying your new job! I'm currently in the process of moving jobs and am so nervous/excited to find the 'right' one!

    This outfit is gorgeous, perfect for work and the wind!


    1. Definitely hear about about finding the 'right' one. I always try to find a long-term 'right' feeling when searching, but sometimes you just need to find a 'right-for-right-now' job.

  6. I love your scarf with the striped top. Such an understated but classic look!

    Abby of Life in the Fash Lane