Monday, August 17, 2015

Fall Wardrobe Planning Pt. 2

Just an update to my Fall Wardrobe Thoughts, now that I've given them some thought (ha!). It feels like the end of summer, even though I'm almost positive that there will be at least 4 weeks of this hot weather left around here.

Jean Jacket
From L to R - Acne, Levi's, and Paige. Needs to have functional pockets. Not be too cropped. A good combination of lightweight to wear in the spring and early summer, and warmth to wear in the fall. Could pair with a black dress, black jeans, normal dark wash jeans, or really anything. I find myself wishing that I had one already, especially in the Fall and Spring. 

High or mid waisted jeans that look and fit perfectly. Dark wash. 
This is an addition to the list. And it eludes me. I’ve learned my lesson that Old Navy high waisted jeans do not fit me. I can’t decide if it’s because I’ve gained some weight and that’s why? Or if the cut is just off. I’ve resigned myself to trying different brands. I tried FitCode out upon Fran’s recommendation. Might try a pair of Hudson jeans on, since my mom recently bought a pair where the denim felt pretty sturdy. I have my heart set on something high waisted for some reason. I think it looks so cool and slightly badass, especially with a jean jacket or a leather jacket.

Leather Jacket. See here.

Cognac Leather Structured Crossbody
I have a certain look in my head. I actually came upon one a couple years ago that met my criteria. A vintage Coach bag that I found in a thrift store in Champaign, back when I was in college. Looking back, it was a steal at 70 dollars, but I was a poor student back then decided against splashing out on it. Ahh, regrets. Anyway, I may search eBay for one of these... 

Clarks Desert Boots. I decided these weren't really my style. I like them on other people though, and they inspire a sense of adventure.

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