Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October Instagram Round Up

Hey y'all - just sharing some pics from Instagram. As always, link to your instagram in the comments! I love finding new accounts to follow, as well as keep up with fellow writers' lives. I've been hella busy lately at work, as well as going through some changes life-wise that have kept me busy. Hope you're all doing well now that we're midway through October.
 Display of pumpkins and gourds at the local grocery
 View from the Franklin St bridge - next to the Merch Mart, overlooking the river. Very cold and cloudy day that day. No sunshine all day!
 Taken last week, view from the corner of Clinton and Adams. I must a million shots from this corner, and they're all different depending on the weather. I love fog in the fall. You can barely see the top of the Sears Tower here.
A rural suburban sunset - taken when visiting my parents' house. So pretty!

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