Saturday, October 24, 2015

October Uniform & Chicago Uniqlo Opening

I've been wearing any and every possible variation on this uniform this month, which is why I haven't posted any outfits. I thought it would be boring to write about the same outfit. Long sleeve (flannel or otherwise), ankle pants, Roshes, scarf, and a leather jacket. Ever since the Work Uniform post, I've been on a dressy pant kick. These ones are a pair of Banana Republic Sloans that I accidentally washed and dried. They still fit, but I think they're a little too tight to wear to something more formal like an interview, so I've relegated them to weekend wear and my casual workplace.

In other news - Chicago now has a Uniqlo! I was able to snag an invite to the Uniqlo Train. They took over an entire elevated train and decked it out with red and white paper lanterns, hired dancers, gifts, and a DJ. The train made a loop around downtown and I was able to watch the performance, play some games, and won some movie tickets. 

Here's what the outside of the train looks like. When the doors opened, there was a blast of loud house music from the speakers on the inside, and gifts on every seat.
Here were the dancers on the inside of the train - amazing that they were able to keep their balance on the Loop train, which is very bumpy and jerky! And then the prizes were delivered via O-mikuju, which was very cute. Each person went up to the structure and untied their prize. Some woman won a trip to Tokyo! 
Decided not to come out to the storefront until tonight, hoping that Michigan Ave would be less touristy and the store less busy - but I was definitely wrong. They're out at all hours of the night, even in the cold and windy day that it is today. The store is three floors in this building, massive. 
I'm super excited that I don't have to order blindly online anymore. I went through and checked out some things I was eying online, and came away with two tops (a flannel and a rayon blouse) and a pair of legging pants. Flannels here are my holy grail. The rayon blouse was iffy online, since their models are so skinny! But I tried one on and it was perfect - exactly what I was looking for in a work blouse. And then the legging pants, I was unsure about due to the thickness, but again - perfect. I think they'll be very well received in Chicago, especially their Heattech stuff since it's so cold!

There goes my shopping no-buy!


  1. Uniqlo has size measurements for each specific item on the website. It's not a perfect system with pants but it helps.

    1. It does! I've followed it for length and width of items. But there's something about holding and touching it in person that is a bit different - as well as trying things on!

  2. Hooray for a physical Uniqlo store! Before it opened here in Sydney we didn't have an online store so I'd have to wait til I went overseas to go to a Uniqlo, and I think that resulted in a couple of regrettable purchases.

    1. Yay! I had to really be mindful of the things I bought when I went in. Everything was so tempting!

    2. Yay! I had to really be mindful of the things I bought when I went in. Everything was so tempting!