Saturday, October 3, 2015

REVIEW: Everlane Heavyweight Tee (Breton Stripe)

in grey/cream
I've had the Everlane Heavyweight Tee for nearly 6 months now and wanted to write a quick little review on it, now that the weather has turned cool enough to start bringing it back into rotation. I was an early adopter to this shirt - ordering it as soon as it came into the store. I was able to snag one in my size (small) in the color I wanted - grey and cream.

Sizing - I was wavering between a size XS and S. It'll depend on the fit you want. I prefer a looser and boxier fit so I went up a size. Don't worry about shrinking (it doesn't- see below)

Fit - if you have wider shoulders or if you're self conscious about your shoulders at all like me, I would be cautious. This shirt is a drop shoulder shirt- meaning that the shoulder seams are actually my over your shoulder bone, but further out. This makes my shoulders seem much wider than they are. The cut of the shirt is very straight, and the fabric truly is heavyweight cotton so if you size up - you'll look super boxy since the fabric doesn't really drape. The neckline is a very highly cut bateau neck. I think they could've stand to cut the women's neckline a bit lower and still keep the bateau. I think it's fine and I've just ignored any body issues I have myself, ha. 

Quality - well sewn. The fabric (100% cotton) is great. Very heavy weight cotton, thick and sturdy. If you like the collared shirt layered look, this would be perfect for that.

Wear - awesome. Wash and wear. I dry mine with the rest of my clothes and it hasn't shrunk at all in the 6 months I've owned it. Sometimes I will air dry it instead of using the dryer in the hopes this shirt will last longer. Otherwise, super soft and comfortable. No pilling of the fabric at all. 

Overall, really happy with this Everlane purchase and totally recommend it if you're looking for a breton stripe with a drop shoulder.


  1. I've been looking for a tee like this-it's really cute :)

  2. I have their boxy striped top, and while I love it, I definitely feel like it makes my (already big) shoulders bigger. I wish it didn't have the drop shoulder feature!