Thursday, October 1, 2015

September 2015 Favorites

A few of the people, places, and things I've been loving this month.


pinapple lipstick - Priscilla runs a beauty blog with some beautiful photos and great reviews. Definitely check her blog out if you're on a beauty kick like me right now.

sartorial diner - Stephanie blogs about food and travel, and her actual job is actually as a designer for women's wear. Her life is super interesting to read about, and really drew me in since I'm going through a bit of wanderlust right now!


The Bar at Whole Foods
So I ASSUME they brand the bars different depending on the city. The bar concept in Chicago is called The Red Star Bar, based on the stars in the Chicago flag. I've been here several times this month, usually after work when I'm waiting for my boyfriend to commute back from his workplace. It's good for picking up a pint on the super cheap. The highest priced beer here is $8 a glass, and the lowest is $2. All craft breweries as well, so they're quite discounted.


Nike Roshe Runs
I've been wearing these shoes non stop since I bought them. I feel like such a cool girl, and they go with everything and are super functional for my daily commute.

Mac Rebel & Nars Dolce Vita
I've been trying to make an effort to wear lipstick and this month, I managed it a whole one time. I've had this one for a while and have only worn it twice - New Year's Eve and just this last week going out for a friend's birthday. I love the color and I wish I were more brave to wear it every day. On a blush note, now that it's cooler - this Nars blush is back in the beauty rotation. It's a great dusty rose color.

Lush Scrub
Picked a small container of this scrub up when I was in Seattle at Westlake. I usually break it out when I've had a tough day - the lemon-lime scent usually picks me up. Plus, it leaves my hands and legs really moisturized, despite being a scrub.


  1. Replies
    1. Haha, I have not taken these off since I bought them!

  2. I'm still figuring out how comfortable I am with wearing my more noticeable lip colors (mostly corals, some bright pink) to work, though I wear a lot of lipstick on weekend outings. Lip color is probably my favorite kind of makeup to play around with!

    1. Corals are actually fine with me - I have a coral Mac lipstick in See Sheer that is actually pretty natural looking. Bright pinks and magentas, and then darker colors like Rebel are where I just feel so self conscious. I'm not sure why either, because I think they look best on me. It's almost as if I don't want people to comment on it haha.

  3. I'm on a beauty kick too I will check out it out.

    1. Their blogs are great! Really good reviews and nice photography.

  4. Loved the post!