Monday, October 26, 2015

Work Wear & An Updated Everlane Silk Blouse Review

silk blouse / sweater (old from h&m) / ankle pants / slippers
I wrote about the work uniform a little while ago, and was inspired to start dressing nicer. Here's my first attempt at dressing a little bit nicer, but not too nice. Relaxed, but still put together. I've been very fond of dress pants the past week, mainly because they're super stretchy and they feel like leggings.

Now for my updated thoughts on the Everlane Silk Sleeveless.

 I've been wearing my Everlane Silk Sleeveless a lot more lately now that I've found out that machine washing it and then air drying it on a hanger won't wreck it. It's held up quite well, although it needs a steam after it's been dried to get the wrinkles out. Also, I bought an XS in this blouse. I'm realizing that I should have bought a S instead, so it would fit better around the armholes. As it stands, they're a little tight. So far so good, though I've worn it probably about 10x, and have washed around 6x. The silk remains nice and soft, and the same lotion-y texture that it was when I first bought it. 

I had a tiny twinge of purchase regret, but none anymore now that I know it holds up. I think next summer, I'll add a light grey or grey one to my closet. They really are great value for what they are - $65 from Everlane, whereas I bet one from Equipment would cost around twice that.


  1. Looks great! I always fall back on silk shirts when I want to look a little bit dressier, and combined with those loafers I think you definitely nailed it!

  2. Silk in the washing machine! I haven't dared doing that, but it would get more wear out of my silk shirts. Do you wash it in a laundry bag/gentle cycle/with special detergent?

    1. I don't wash it with any special detergent. I just make sure that I wash with like colors and with other soft things - tshirts, other blouses, leggings. I'm too afraid to wash it along with something hardier, like denim or pants with buttons/zippers, or anything with hooks (bras).

  3. This is so relevant to my life right now.

    Since beginning placement I have been looking for simple, yet sophisticated looks for work. Thanks!

  4. That shirt looks so cute paired with that sweater.

  5. It is good to know that throwing Everlane silk in the washing machine works out! I have many silk tops (from varying price points, very little of it feels as nice as Everlane silk does), but I'm always too nervous about putting them in the washing machine. I don't mind handwashing too much, it's easier to do with silk tops than with sweaters, at least!