Sunday, November 22, 2015

Korean Sheet Mask Haul

Basically what motivated this was that I was tired of buying sheet masks at > $5 each. That, and I had one too many drinks one night and went on Amazon. Buying it through there worked out to be around a dollar per mask, with free shipping. I decided to try out the TonyMoly ones, upon recommendation from my sister, and then decided on the Etude House ones as well. A total of 31 masks here, which was super excessive! Never going on Amazon under the influence again.

But I'm excited, and was excited to open this box. There are some pretty interesting masks that I'm excited to try - particularly the Etude House snail mask. I've heard a ton of things about snail slime and how great it is for your skin. Other ones I'm excited about are the TonyMoly Red Wine (pore care), the EH Pearl (brightening), EH Vita Complex (nourishing), and the TM Broccoli (vitality).

Some tips for ordering on Amazon:
- Check the seller reviews! You can find out who the seller is if you look underneath the checkout button. You'll see text that says "Sold by XXXX, fulfilled by Amazon Fulfillment." Obviously stay away from anyone who's got negative reviews.

- Check the customer reviews as well; order these reviews by most recent first!! This is the most important tip, and how you can see if recent customers are happy with the product or not. Amazon has a tendency to highlight the best reviews first to increase sale conversion. Always check the most recent!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Go-Bag: Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US, and that means I spend a week back in my parents’ house. It’s one of my favorite week’s in the year, bookended by two weekends spent eating big feasts with my family. This weekend is my grandparents’ đám giỗ, aka death anniversary. In Vietnamese culture, we celebrate the death anniversary of our ancestors by spending the day cooking a special meal, to be served at the alter, and then burning incense to honor them.

Then, the weekend after is of course, Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday of the year, much like Christmas, but without the presents and all of the great food. The one difference is this year, I start my new job at the beginning of the week - I work 3 days, and then am off for the next two days for Thanksgiving. So I’ve got to pack accordingly. Here’s my little Holiday/Work capsule.

L&S Catalina Bag - aka, the weekender bag I wrote about here

Plain black shoes to go with every outfit, casual or dressy. 


Some basic tops, with the option to layer the sweater & the silk blouse. Also, 3 dressier tops that can double for casual for office and the holidays.

Dark bottoms to keep it dressy for the first week of work, and of course, the mandatory stretch pant for eating large quantities of food.

H&M Camel Scarf // H&M Gold Necklace // Loft Gold Bangle // Wayfarers // Warby Parker Glasses
These have been my go to accessories. Very muted, but pull together an outfit. I usually wear contacts, but I love switching it up now and then to glasses for a smart look.

And then finally, my beauty closet for the long holiday. I love giving myself the spa treatment on my days off and really take care of my skin. I've been having an obsession with sheet masks, and treat myself now and then to one, but I recently found out you can order large quantities for SO much cheaper on Amazon. If anyone here has recommendations for some, I'd love to hear it. 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Hi Again

coat - banana republic last season, this season in red / blouse - uniqlo / pants - old navy / shoes - sperry / lips - maybelline 
A quick ootd! I've been struggling to find time to blog lately. Been going through some career changes - new gig, which I'm super excited about! Hence the lack of focus on anything but job stuff.

I've been loving this Uniqlo Rayon Blouse and have worn it several times! Prior to this blouse, I had tried Uniqlo rayon and it wrinkled the moment I touched it, and looked terrible worn throughout the day. Not cute. But they seem to have re-engineered the fabric and it a great alternative to silk. Very flowy, drapes well, light, and more formal than cotton. I was able to snatch up the navy one before it sold out completely. I feel like it’s a great alternative to the Everlane Silk Long Sleeve Tee that’s been sold out of most colors at a great discount (19.90 Uniqlo on sale, vs 88 Everlane never on sale).

I much prefer the Uniqlo Rayon blouses, since they’re so much lower maintenance than silk is. They’re wash and wear, with the occasional steam if I don’t get to hanging up freshly dried clothes right away. It’s still a natural fiber, so it breathes well, unlike a polyester blouse - but with the same lightness and drape that you would get out of silk/ some poly. And you really cannot beat the price point.