Korean Sheet Mask Haul

Basically what motivated this was that I was tired of buying sheet masks at > $5 each. That, and I had one too many drinks one night and went on Amazon. Buying it through there worked out to be around a dollar per mask, with free shipping. I decided to try out the TonyMoly ones, upon recommendation from my sister, and then decided on the Etude House ones as well. A total of 31 masks here, which was super excessive! Never going on Amazon under the influence again.

But I'm excited, and was excited to open this box. There are some pretty interesting masks that I'm excited to try - particularly the Etude House snail mask. I've heard a ton of things about snail slime and how great it is for your skin. Other ones I'm excited about are the TonyMoly Red Wine (pore care), the EH Pearl (brightening), EH Vita Complex (nourishing), and the TM Broccoli (vitality).

Some tips for ordering on Amazon:
- Check the seller reviews! You can find out who the seller is if you look underneath the checkout button. You'll see text that says "Sold by XXXX, fulfilled by Amazon Fulfillment." Obviously stay away from anyone who's got negative reviews.

- Check the customer reviews as well; order these reviews by most recent first!! This is the most important tip, and how you can see if recent customers are happy with the product or not. Amazon has a tendency to highlight the best reviews first to increase sale conversion. Always check the most recent!


  1. I've done the TonyMoly Skin Purifying one. I liked it a lot. I don't know that I saw any appreciable change, but my face DID feel hydrated, and it's a great treat.

    ...is it really snail slime??

    1. Yes! It actually is snail slime, according to the disclaimer on the back, hahaha.


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