Saturday, December 3, 2016

J. Crew Chateau Parka Review

I recently picked up a new wool coat while I was in Portland as one of my pieces for F/W 2016. This one is from J. Crew and is called the Chateau Parka. I usually don't shop at J. Crew, mainly due to the price and also hearing anecdotes that the quality does not match the price.

I stopped in to actually pick up this coat for my mom, since she's had her eye on it for about a year now. I tried on a couple sizes to gauge what size she might be and fell in love with the fit of the coat. I've always really liked A line or Cocoon style coats. This one in a size 00  hits about mid-thigh. The shoulders across fit perfectly, and the sleeve length ends about an inch up from my knuckles. 

The wool itself is smooth, hefty, and seems resistant to pilling (at least for now!). It's very warm and is pretty wind resistant. The A line shape of the coat does let wind up inside of the coat from the bottom, but doesn't bother me, as it keeps my core warm - just not my thighs. The inside of the coat is lined with a satin poly, and has an inside pocket. The outside of the coat has four pockets - 2 zip up ones big enough to fit a card wallet or a cell phone, and 2 button flap pockets that are much roomier. The hood is faux fur lined, and is the one downside to this coat. It sheds considerably and I find I need to lint roll the coat pretty frequently. It has lessened over time though AND the fur is detatchable. 

Overall, I think it's a good value for what it is if you manage to pick it up on sale. I bought this during a 30% off sale + no sales tax in Portland. Chicago's sales tax is 12.5% within the city center, so effectively I saved about 42.5% from what I would've paid originally. 


  1. Glad you are enjoying your purchase!

    The J.Crew Coats were super well-priced during the recent 40% off everything Thanksgiving week sale too, though sadly, their cocoon coat just isn't for me. One of my friends' bright red J.Crew Chateau Parka was what inspired me to buy my other cocoon coat, but the actual J.Crew cocoon coat has larger shoulders and a more dramatic "cocoon" shape, which just doesn't seem to work for me. It's a pity! Maybe the Lady Day coats would have worked better, but i didn't like any of the colors this year and most of the colors were long sold out in most sizes by the time of the recent sales.

    1. They really were! I'm a little disappointed I couldn't have stayed in Portland an extra day or two to grab that extra 10% - it would've been an excellent deal then. All the J.Crew coats really sold out quickly!