Saturday, March 28, 2015

March Wardrobe Updates and April Planning

So last month, I wrote a post that detailed what I had bought this year, and what I had planned to buy this year. Here's an update on how that shook out.


Spending in March was way above average due a combination of necessity and lack of self control. The only things that were planned were the cardigan, the maxi dress, and the striped heavy-weight tee.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I needed to have a suit jacket for a professional meeting. That bumped up my planned April blazer purchase and cancel the Aritzia purchase all together, since the more formal one would be more versatile and relevant to my life.

Next, Gap had a clearance sale, and I picked up a striped tee. I don't regret it, since it'll get a lot of wear and it was only $5 and it was definitely my style.

Then, during a visit to my parents' over the weekend, we decided to go to an outlet mall, where I stepped into J.Crew and picked up two pairs of shoes. One pair to replace my Old Navy smoking slippers, which were looking pretty worn. I bought the Old Navy pair as an experiment to see if I liked the style or not on me. Turns out I do, so I picked these up from J.Crew as a higher quality replacement. The D'Orsay Flats though were definitely an impulse. But I do like them, and they'll fit into my summer wardrobe nicely.

Gap marled shawl cardigan (replace cardigan) - $28.30 - discounted base, plus 40% off, plus rewards
Old Navy black maxi dress (addition, summer) - $20.67 - discounted base, plus 30% off, plus rewards
Everlane grey/white striped heavy-weight tee (addition, spring) - $45
Gap grey/white striped short sleeve tee - $5 - 40% off clearance
Tailoring 3 pairs of jeans - black, gray, and dark blue, hem & taper
Old Navy Flower Print Poplin Dress (addition, summer) - $17 - 40% off
Halogen Black Suit Jacket - $128
J. Crew Factory D'Orsay Flats - $45 - 50% off in stores
J. Crew Factory Smoking Slippers - $50 - 50% off in stores - on sale now for $30 (ugh)

Status: Over budget. :( 


It would have been smart and nice to spread out my March purchases over two months, but I guess this means that April will be a quiet month. I had three things planned in my last post that I've now narrowed down to specific items at specific stores.  Definitely a lesson learned here to control my spending. This is the first time I've itemized my clothing purchases, so it's a shocker to see it all together.

Aritzia black Kent blazer (replace) see last month's blazer purchase
Linen blend cropped pants - $32.94, will wait for a sale, since they come around so frequently
Collared, button down tank top, blousey (replace) - $30, with $30 shopping credit


  1. Nice planning and post :)

  2. i want it all!

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  3. Your blog is just so awesome and beautiful! I like this post and you make a great job!
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  4. I'm in the market for a maxi dress for the spring/summer, though I haven't been able to find one yet.

  5. Looks like you added some great basics even though you might have been a bit over your budget. I picked up the same floral dress from old navy on sale. It's perfect day dress for spring! When I end up going over budget I usually do a "shopping fast" for the following month, but it's so hard this month with all the spring sales!