Sunday, June 28, 2015

June Wardrobe Additions

June was a busy month, which meant not a lot of time for shopping. I only picked up three clothing items at Old Navy during a sale - and spent a total of $35 dollars on the three items.

The first was a pair of khaki colored twill shorts. Really sturdy, but still soft and light weight material. I was looking for a pair of khaki shorts that weren't booty shorts, since I don't think I could pull that off anymore, ha. These fit the bill! They're currently on sale for $14 - but I paid around $9 for them.

The second thing was this high neck tank top, in a black and white microstripe. I really love high necks in this type of form. They're modest and harken back to the 70s, which I love. This is so so cute and I've been wearing it ever since I got it. It washes pretty well for an Old Navy top. In my very few experiences, they usually don't! When I bought this, it was the most expensive thing of the three - $14.

Finally, the last pair of shorts I bought were definitely an impulse buy. I'm usually not drawn to pleated shorts, but this is made of a really soft and well draping material. I paired it with a striped shirt and it looks almost skirt-like! It's a lot more versatile than I had thought it would be. Again, these were $12 during the sale.

This month - most of my disposable income went toward moving costs and picking up furniture for the apartment. A couch, a chair, a rug, a dresser, and a mirror were the main expenses. But it finally feels moved in and I love it! I can't say that I have many things I have my eye on, sartorially speaking, aside from what I was lusting after last month. I've yet to rationalize putting in an everlane order for those Ryan tanks. Maybe this month?

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  1. Replies
    1. They are so cute, I want more! But I shouldn't, haha.

  2. I purchased #3 as well last month and absolutely love them. They're so comfy. You'll not regret getting them!

  3. I've been spending a ton on home items too. It's amazing how expensive they can be!

  4. I have #3 in a pattern and they are so lightweight and comfy!

  5. The pleated shorts look fun! The Ryan tanks are really nice, very soft and they drape well.

    I can definitely relate to how expensive moving can be. I'll be doing my "real" move into a new apartment in October, and the amount of money I have to set aside (for first/last month's rent, a deposit, likely a broker's fee, etc.) is a slightly jaw-dropping number, even when split between two people!