Wednesday, July 8, 2015

4 Podcasts That I'm Listening To

I've been into listening to podcasts ever since Serial ended. I love them for my commute and they make me feel so productive - as in, I'm constantly learning something. Here are 5 that I've been listening to lately. Let me know if you've got any you'd recommend!

1. Millenial Podcast
Megan Tan hosts this podcast, and she is so so relatable. The podcast is essentially an audio diary and she shares what her life is like post-graduation and struggling to find your place in the world. Definitely worth a listen, especially if you're a millenial!

2. TED Radio Hour
This is a classic - basically an hour of curated TED talks all around a topic. What's cool is that they interview the actual speaker of the TED talk, and give extra information around the topic too. Really educational, and I find that it's better than scrolling through the TED website to find good and interesting lectures to listen to.

3. StartUp
I started listening to this upon the recommendation of my manager! And also motivated to follow it because I actually work for a StartUp and can relate to some of the struggles and questions that are in this podcast. The most recent season (which just ended, so binge it!) follows the two women who created Dating Ring, which is a dating website start up. It's really real and unscripted and I'm sad that I have to wait for season 3.

4. Note To Self (aka New Tech City)
This podcast centers mainly around technology and our relationship to technology. This episode about an email service that claims to help you email people better according to their personality was the one that drew me in. I actually TRIED that email service, and I got to say, it is extremely accurate!

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