Friday, July 10, 2015

A Friday in My Life

8:15: A day in my life - or at least an attempt of one, ha. I wake up pretty late in the morning, compared to when I used to wake up at my last job, in which I'd need to get up around 7:30. I subscribe to TheSkimm, which is a short email of all the important headlines that day. I start reading in bed, and then finish off when I brush my teeth.

8:25: Then I get dressed - today is super simple. Everlane sweater tunic and my Eddie Bauer cropped jeans. I wore the T-Strap sandals I always wear. This was the final of three different outfits I tried on that morning, two of which were dresses. It's difficult to decide because I usually throw a dress on, then decide it might be chilly, and then go back and forth.

8:35: Makeup is simple and straightforward since I'm already running late. Concealer, eyebrows, mascara, foundation around my nose and cheeks where I get red, and I throw on MAC See Sheer lipstick - an easy coral that I find looks good on my complexion. I've recently run out of my favorite Clump Crusher mascara and am now experimenting with this Full Lash Bloom nonsense... It's alright, but old habits die hard, and I will probably go back to my normal brand.

8:50: My boyfriend and I walk through our neighborhood to the Red Line. It's a quiet walk, really residential and really pretty in the summer.

9:00: We get on at the Fullerton station. He goes the opposite way to go to school at Northwestern, and I go toward the Loop - transfer at Jackson, and finally get off at Clinton. My entire commute from door to door is around a half hour.

9:30: Coffee time. Starbucks is a treat and it's Friday and I have a free drink via the app. I get a grande vanilla iced coffee (3 pumps) with a bit of whole milk. And then I walk to work, which is just a block away in the west. 

9:35: I actually never take the elevator in the morning, but I wanted to just to show you this old elevator! It reminds me of Titanic, with the double doors/gates. They're super heavy and hard to open, and if you're in here and someone on the first floor requests the elevator before you've gotten out - you'll start to go down to meet them. Really inconvenient haha.

9:36 AM through 5:40 AM - I wish I could show you what I do! But unfortunately we're pitching right now, and it's in my confidentiality agreement that I can't share the details of exactly what I do. I spend my day writing SQL queries, analyzing data, answering questions, and planning this quarter's deep dive analyses. As you'd imagine, it's very sensitive data. But here's a photo of my office that I had taken when I interviewed.

6:42: After work - I get a mani/pedi while waiting for my boyfriend to meet me in Lincoln Park. Then we both meet up with an old college friend and decide to eat dinner at Los Tres Panchos - a little hole in the wall on Lincoln Ave. 

7:20: Dinner time - I have two tostadas - chicken and carne asade, with rice and beans. Super satisfying, and basically I wanted to eat like shit today because I had a tough past two weeks! This is probably the first weekend that I don't have the weight and guilt of "I should be working on work right now." That is an awesome feeling.

11:00: I start writing my blog post and take a picture of my nails, which I painted the company blue. Tomorrow, I'm going to help out with a booth that we have for a street festival in Lakeview - Taste of Lakeview! My old neighborhood. So good night! 



  1. Sounds like an alright day! Your office looks pretty cool. Haha you get ready pretty damn fast in the morning!

    1. Haha, yes I do. It's a race in the morning and I hate it.

      The office is pretty nice - we're expanding soon in the Fall :)

  2. Your building looks too cool. My elevator isn't half that dope. Also, +1 to the Skimm; I'm much better informed and more likely to keep reading on about a particular topic by reading the archives.

    1. Haha, the elevator is so vintage cool. Except I hate using it because it's so heavy!

  3. Your office has a very cool space! I've never seen one of those old-fashioned elevators with a grate in real life.

    Your entry and Shutterbug K's comment make me want to subscribe to the Skimm!

    1. Xin, try it out! I don't have email updates but I bookmarked the Archive ( to open as soon as I open Chrome at work. It's the first thing I read as I settle in and prepare for the day.