Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lake Day

 I'm sad that today is the last day of the weekend and I'm almost dreading going back to the stresses of work. There doesn't seem to be an end in sight! My family and I spent the day at the forest preserve and went out on the lake. My sister fished (and didn't catch anything), and I mainly just lounged/pedaled the pontoon and soaked my feet in the water. It was so relaxing! Today's outfit features my everlane white tee and the old navy twill shorts that I wore two days ago - but opted for the gym shoes instead of sandals.

 Tomorrow, I'll go back to work with a sense of renewal. I'm feeling like tomorrow evening may turn into a pamper night, since I haven't really taken care of myself in a while. I think I might get a pedicure sometime this week, possibly after work tomorrow. I got my first one this year, and didn't realize how nice it was to have smooth feet! So I've limited myself to one per fiscal quarter, which seems to be a good cadence to it.

Hope you all had a nice long weekend as well! It's supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow - possibly the hottest it's been this summer. It's finally starting to feel like it in July - I think the seasons have shifted and we're just entering summer.


  1. Good to hear you got a chance to relax! Hope work lets up a little bit soon!

    1. Thanks! Haha, it doesn't look like it will anytime soon, but I'm hanging in there!

  2. Looks so picturesque! Glad you've had some time to relax! x