Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Life on Instagram

Long day at work today, so it'll be a short post for day 6 of 30 Day Writer. I wanted to share some snaps from my Instagram. The photos aren't in chronological order, but they're all within the last two weeks or so! I've developed a new love for Instagram lately - if you've got one, link to yours in the comments! I'm always looking for new accounts to follow. 

Marina City - one of my favorite buildings in Chicago. It's actually an apartment building. The bottom rings are a parking garage that twists up. I have a friend who lives in this building who says it sounds eerie in the whole place when it's windy. 

A short run along the Des Plaines River trail. 

My favorite photo that I took during Chicago Pride. This was perfect. They're giant headshots of all the Supreme Court Justices that ruled for marriage equality.

Another photo from an evening run - Really foggy that week, especially by the lake. If you stood where I was in this photo and turned your head, you'd see Lake Michigan right there.

Another DPR photo from a run. I love the bridges along the trail. 
Ice cream in the suburbs! My favorite place is in Mt. Prospect - called Capanarri's. 

Some fresh coconut juice from Owen + Alchemy along the riverwalk. I This place was quite good! I want to try their other juices as well, which are cold-pressed. 

A look-up shot (one of many of Chicago) of Trump Tower. I remember when this was built and there was some controversy around it. I personally like the architecture and think it's a great addition to the skyline. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the giant "TRUMP" sign though right on the side of the building. 



  1. Ooh I love that fog shot! I love it when it's foggy, it makes things atmospheric haha.

  2. I loved these photos, Chicago looks so amazing! XO -Kim

  3. Love these photos, makes me want to go to Chicago!

    Instagram: c.hemical_x