Saturday, July 11, 2015

Wardrobe Staple #5: The Chambray Shirt

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A couple years ago, I bought a chambray shirt from H&M. The sole reason why I bought it was because somewhere, I had read that it was a wardrobe staple - needed in every woman's closet. For at least a year, it hung dormant in my closet because I had no idea how to wear it. My entire wardrobe of pants were already jeans, and I wasn't about to rock the jean on jeans look. I never wore skirts or dresses back then, and this was before I owned a single pair of black pants.

A lot has changed in the past year. I graduated college, got a job, and suddenly had a disposable income that I could spend filling in the gaps in my closet! And it is now that I see why so many people have a chambray shirt in their closets.

The reason why I chose the shirt that I did was because it was simple and classic looking. The wash is very neutral - a true blue. The buttons are a touch luxe, but not too flashy. The cut is fitted - looser, but not boxy. When I wear it, it fits in the shoulder, the chest, and the length of the body and sleeves. 

Chambray itself feels very Americana and that's not without a reason. In fact, chambray was standard issue for the U.S. Navy through WWI. It was a work shirt - the namesake for the word 'blue collar'. The fabric is durable, and although similar to denim, the way it is woven gives it a much softer texture. Like a pair of jeans, it's super versatile and can be worn all year round - in the summer because cotton wicks moisture away, and in the winter for its thickness and heavier weight. 

I wear mine all year round, at least once a week. Here are the three ways I wear it. 
  1. As a top - buttoned up, sleeves rolled up to my forearm, with dainty jewelry. I usually opt for a simple gold bar necklace. 
  2. As a light jacket - either a plain white tee underneath, or something more delicate for contrast
  3. As a layering piece - I usually tuck the bottom up in the back and tie off at the waist of my dresses



  1. I love my chambray shirt, although I think I might have got it in a wrong shade. Definitely versatile though!

    I have fallen into the wardrobe staple trap so many times haha.

    1. Ahh, what shade is yours in? Mine was a true blue, but with multiple washings, it's more faded, and I do find I can wear it more ways that way. I'm dreading the day I'll need to replace it!

    2. Hmm mine has a touch of cyan? I didn't really realise until after I bought it and started wearing it with other clothes.