Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Core Fall Wardrobe

I'm slowly unpacking from storage my cold weather clothes, as we're about to see a return of 60 degree weather here in Chicago. The list is composed mainly of shoes, outerwear, and accessories - with a few key pieces actual clothing that were under heavy rotation last Fall. I doubt that'll be different this Fall, except for a pair of new jeans that I'm still searching for. * indicates a new addition.

1. Camel Boots - Vince Camuto, worn to near death
2. Light Grey Scarf - H&M
*. Black Roshe Runs - Nike
4. Black Jeans - Old Navy (to be fair, these are an all year piece for me)
5. Red Plaid Flannel - Uniqlo
6. Navy Blue Vest - Eddie Bauer
8. Water Proof Trench - Nordstrom, Ellen Tracy
9. Grey Wedge Boots - Sperry
*. Black Leather Jacket - Nordstrom, Ted Baker

I think next on my list of purchases is a jean jacket, and I've been eying the Levi's one that Andrea from Seasons and Salt has, since it fits all my criteria. That'll be #3 of this season's purchases. #4 will probably be a pair of jeans. The first two were the Roshe Runs and my leather jacket. I'm actually quite proud of myself for not being spendy on clothing the past couple months. As you may have noticed, I've stopped participating in Fran's budgeting bloggers link up.

Short post today, since work has been kicking my ass for the past month, and I'm in a slump. I guess the whole writing for 30 days straight is out the window!


  1. I feel like we were only just talking about the last season transition! Do you put a limit on how many items you buy per season?

    1. Haha, it does feel short. But summers around here are very short. I haven't put limits in the past, and I don't think I will be this season. But I'm definitely more aware this year of how many pieces of clothing I've been buying. It helps me with being able to consider "nicer" options for things I'm looking for - budget wise!

  2. So far I'm still liking my jacket, but it definitely takes a little more thought to style than the typical, cropped medium-dark wash denim jacket that goes with everything (and that everyone is wearing). I do really like that when I wear it I feel like it gives me a bit of 'cool girl' status. I think as it gets cooler and I have more opportunities to wear it, it will feel more second nature.

    How are you liking your Ted Baker jacket?

    1. I'm loving it! It's finally cold enough in Chicago to wear it. I had some major purchase pains since I had bought it during the anniversary sale in the summer. And it was just sitting in my closet not being worn. Now that it's on rotation though, all regrets are out the window. I'm fully embracing it.