Sunday, September 13, 2015

Sunday Brunch

chambray shirt - old from h&m; black jeans; roshe runs
Haven't posted an outfit here in a while, mainly because my summer outfits have been on repeat. I own probably 3 dresses, and 2 of them are the same black swing dress. We had a touch of cold weather this weekend, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Nothing makes me happier than wearing long pants and chambray. Just want to quickly share some photos from today. 
My brother, boyfriend, and I hit up a local brunch spot/cafe today - Bourgeois Pig in Lincoln Park. It's a cute little place, that looks like it used to be a large house that was refitted to be a cafe. I went with a drip coffee, which was gigantic and split with my boyfriend. My brother went with the orange juice, which came in a cute mason jar. 
My brother went with a turkey sandwich, and I had a grilled panini. My boyfriend got a grilled cheese, and then finished off the other half of my sandwich - since I couldn't finish it. My bro stayed with us last week, which was nice. It's always fun to have another person to keep us company around the house.
After brunch, we dropped my brother off at Union Station and on our way back to the north loop, I took a pic of this mural on Adams and State. Weird little octopus thing that's been there since my intern days.

All in all - a relaxing Sunday afternoon. 


  1. I like your chambray shirt + black jeans + runners combo, I think I will emulate this outfit with what I have! Sounds like a nice way to spend a Sunday, I love a good brunch.

    1. Thanks! This is my go-to outfit lately. Top + black jeans + sneaks. So comfortable.

  2. I'm still in repeating my summer outfits mode too, though cooler weather is beginning to set in here.

    I'm actually going to be in Chicago next month for a work trip, though I'll likely be stuck in a conference room all day long and probably won't get to appreciate the city, which is a major pity because it'll be my first time visiting.

    1. Oh my god! If you do get a spare moment, let's possibly grab coffee? Unless it's too weird, haha.