Friday, July 3, 2015

3 Day Weekend Capsule

Day 2 of my late started #30daywriter and I wanted to share what I packed for my 3 day weekend for the 4th of July. I'm visiting my parents for the weekend and packed just a few outfits, making sure to include some red, white, and blue for Independence Day. Here's what's in my weekend capsule.

For tops, I packed the following three:
white everlane box cut tee - It's an easy tshirt, loose fitting, and white, which I'm a fan of lately for summer.

h&m breton striped tee - I've loved this shirt ever since I picked it up, and I wear it once a week. This was an obvious choice because of the red and white. There are a couple sizes left in the blue and white online!

white uniqlo ocbd - I can really only wear this shirt one way, which I blogged about here. But I think I'm going to experiment this weekend with the black soft shorts that I also packed.

For bottoms, I also packed 3. 
eddie bauer cropped jeans - The perfect true blue jeans to wear on the 4th along with my red and white striped shirt. I swear by Eddie Bauer jeans, but they haven't had a style that I've liked in a while.

old navy twill shorts - I picked these up last month and have been loving them. they're in a neutral and will match all the shirts that I packed.

old navy soft shorts - These I packed for Monday when I go back to work. It's supposed to be almost 90 degrees, and these shorts are "formal" enough for the office. I have a pretty loose dress code, but try my hardest to dress a little nicer.

I've also been trying to run again, now that my knee is better, and I've forgotten how much I enjoyed it. So I packed a sports bra, a pair of shorts,  and my running shoes. I also packed some tank tops to sleep/run in. And obviously, computer, notebook, phone, makeup pouch were the last things I threw into my bag.

Today's outfit - I wore the white tee and twill shorts. Pretty simple and thoughtless. My boyfriend, brother, and I went to grab some ice cream in the suburbs. Bonus bro-outfit below. I have no idea what he's wearing, but I think it's a cute outfit. My brother has way more fashion sense than I do, ha!



  1. Hope you have a really good long weekend! :)

  2. Hey there. I am in love with your blog- it's literally amazing and by far my favourite blog. Keep up the good work :)