Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Holiday Go-Bag: Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving here in the US, and that means I spend a week back in my parents’ house. It’s one of my favorite week’s in the year, bookended by two weekends spent eating big feasts with my family. This weekend is my grandparents’ đám giỗ, aka death anniversary. In Vietnamese culture, we celebrate the death anniversary of our ancestors by spending the day cooking a special meal, to be served at the alter, and then burning incense to honor them.

Then, the weekend after is of course, Thanksgiving! It’s my favorite holiday of the year, much like Christmas, but without the presents and all of the great food. The one difference is this year, I start my new job at the beginning of the week - I work 3 days, and then am off for the next two days for Thanksgiving. So I’ve got to pack accordingly. Here’s my little Holiday/Work capsule.

L&S Catalina Bag - aka, the weekender bag I wrote about here

Plain black shoes to go with every outfit, casual or dressy. 


Some basic tops, with the option to layer the sweater & the silk blouse. Also, 3 dressier tops that can double for casual for office and the holidays.

Dark bottoms to keep it dressy for the first week of work, and of course, the mandatory stretch pant for eating large quantities of food.

H&M Camel Scarf // H&M Gold Necklace // Loft Gold Bangle // Wayfarers // Warby Parker Glasses
These have been my go to accessories. Very muted, but pull together an outfit. I usually wear contacts, but I love switching it up now and then to glasses for a smart look.

And then finally, my beauty closet for the long holiday. I love giving myself the spa treatment on my days off and really take care of my skin. I've been having an obsession with sheet masks, and treat myself now and then to one, but I recently found out you can order large quantities for SO much cheaper on Amazon. If anyone here has recommendations for some, I'd love to hear it. 


  1. Thanksgiving sounds like such a good holiday, haha. Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. A flowy top and stretchy pants is definitely key for Thanksgiving lol.


  3. Can you explain how to get cheaper sheet masks in bulk? And I love that you wear the BR trousers, I do too and I read your blog because we have similar proportions. I also love that Origins charcoal mask too!

    1. Yes! So I usually just search the mask I want. For example, I really wanted to try out the TonyMoly masks and there's a seller on Amazon called Red Tab Inc who sell the entire range (11 masks) for around $14. That works out to be just over $1 a mask!

      Just make sure to research the recent reviews (sort by recent!) and read the seller's reviews as well.

  4. Cheap sheet masks are the way to go! I've tried a few that started out a little more expensive (still only about 4 USD in Korea as opposed to something less than 1 USD in Korea) and they don't really give much better nor more noticeable results than the cheaper ones.

    I've tried My Beauty Diary (Aloe, Imperial Bird's Nest, Bird's Nest, and Hyaluronic Acid), Innisfree It's Real Squeeze masks, and Dermal brand masks via Amazon. All of them are pretty good. The Dermal is the cheapest, but I think they're a little less moisturizing than MBD and Innisfree. The only brand I've tried and disliked is Missha's Pure Source sheet masks.

    One note about MBD - they have slightly differently cut and shaped masks in different markets, so you might get one that doesn't look like older versions from even a few months ago. Also, based off the boxes I bought in Taiwan, MBD recently redesigned their masks so that they're almost a little too small for my face (versus there being at least a bit of extra sheet mask material, which was the case with ones I bought months ago).

    1. Ahh Xin! You definitely should do a post about this! I'm suddenly into asian skincare and have been lurking around r/AsianBeauty. I picked up a set of TonyMoly masks, and the Etude House I Need You masks. I was debating getting the Innisfree instead of Etude House, but I didn't really research it!